Recoating Saves Money

Recoating Your Hardwood Floor

We like to make sure our customers know how to take care of their hardwood floors and keep them looking as good as possible without spending a lot of money. Recoating plays a big role in accomplishing this, we can come in right when you start to see signs of wear, clean the floors thoroughly, lightly abrade them and put another coat of finish down, usually making them look as good as new.

The Dustless Benefit

Not only does the process cost dramatically less than a full sanding and finishing it is also nearly dust free, a huge bonus. It also usually only takes a day to complete the job.

Sometimes Refinishing Hardwood Floors is Necessary

Sometimes a floor can't be recoated either because it has too much contamination or there is too much damage. But don't worry we can still refinish hardwood floors, even if they can't be recoated.